Using multi-reference fields on a static page using a collection list

Hey Guys HEEELP!!! Seems I have read all topics, but didn’t find a solution. I really need to display all tags to my “Blog Posts” (They are actually not posts, but it doesn’t matter). Tags are a separate collection, added as a multi reference field. And I need so much to display these added tags on the page with the list of posts, under each post. So that each post has it’s own list of tags.

I need my dynamic list to contain tags, have a look please:

Public link:

link to a page, item are hidden in accordion with categories:

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Hi @tatsis, what you are describing is possible to do, but only from the blog posts collection template page, the ability to show the multi-references on static pages using a collection list is not yet available. Here is a related item on the wishlist:

To show multi-reference fields, drop a collection list on the blog post template page, and choose the multi-reference field as the source collection, then you will be able to pick from the fields used in the multi-referenced collection.

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We need this. In my case i have a teaser for an exhibition (on the homepage), and the teaser should also show all referenced artists. I mean that is actually pretty basic. Can not believe it is not possible?!

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Truly hard to believe this isn’t added yet. I find I need this on EVERY project I build now.


How is this STILL not a feature? People have been asking for this extremely simple feature since 2015!

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This wish list goes to something else that’s been shipped already!

Is there a list where we can request that multi-reference fields are available on static pages?