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Linked Multi-reference field


I am wondering if there is a way I can have a linked multi-reference field between CMS collections where if I reference something on one CMS, it auto-populates in the other collection?

Does that make any sense, lol?

Essentially, I want to build a blog page, so I have these three key data structures:

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Authors
  3. Blog Categories

Whenever I am uploading a blog post, I reference/multi-reference a category, and reference/multi-reference authors. I understand that I can do this; however, I also have to go into the Authors’ collection to reference which blog posts each author has written, and into the Blog Categories collection to reference which blog posts belong to that category.

What I want is that once I reference a category or author on the Blog Post CMS, it automatically links it or auto-populates the multi-reference field linked to the blog post in the other key CMS collections.

Hey @Pablo_Gonzalez!

Can you share what you’re trying to achieve with that specific setup? I’m wondering if you could do what you’re trying to do with dynamic filtering of a Collection List.

Hey @blakelam, really nothing outward-facing. I know I could achieve that result using filtering as you had said.

This is really for internal client control. When I am in the Author CMS, I would like to see the list of blog posts that they have written, instead of having to navigate to the author section for each blog in the Blog Post CMS to see who has written it. (this is just an example as it could have more use cases such as account managers to clients relationship)

What I want is that when I attribute a blog post to a certain author, that that blog post automatically attaches to that author in a multi-reference field the Author CMS.

I see what you mean. That could be a good feature request - adding the ability to see a list of the collection items that reference a specific collection item in the CMS.

There could be a way to sync a multi-reference field using the API and/or a tool like Zapier, but I imagine that would get fairly cumbersome - especially when it comes to removing items from the multi-reference field if they get deleted.

I’d love to hear what you land on and if you’re able to achieve something close to what you’re going for.

Yes, it would definitely help us out!

Thank you @blakelam