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Custom Meta Tags

Hey everyone!

Currently Webflow only offers a sub-set of the available meta tags that you might need. As Webflow continues to improve these tags might be added in. In the mean time here is how you can add them to your CMS on your own.

First you will want to create a collection that will contain your main documents. For example a blog post. If your website is going to have multiple authors go a head and create that collection as well.

Once those collections are made and you have connected your author data to your blog posts you are ready to create some meta tags.

In this example I will be setting up the meta tag for an author so that when the link is shared on Facebook their name is displayed in the card. Cool stuff!

In my author collection I’ve included a field for a Facebook link to that author’s Facebook page. We can use that data and hook it into our meta data.

Once I have added the Facebook link to my Author information I can link it to my meta data.
You will open the page settings panel on your blog template page and navigate to the bottom where the custom code section is.

I will then write in my meta tag and for the content value I will place a data tag.
Make sure to save these changes when you are done and hit publish.

And there you have it; now every time you set the author in your blog post that author’s Facebook link will be published in the content section of the author meta tag.<meta property="article:author" content"" />

Happy SEOing everyone :smiley:


Super great stuff @AlexN ! :smile:

Hi AlexN,

Thanks a lot for this help !!

Only in your line there is missing the ‘=’ after ‘content’ ,

so its “article:author” content=""

I tell you this because I tried it for
name=“robots” content=“index, nofollow”
and it didn’t work right away because I put no ‘=’ after ‘content’ like in your red text :blush:

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Sadly this is not working anymore. I think Facebook changed something on their end. :pensive: