Multi-Reference CMS item

Is it possible to somehow use Multi-Reference in CMS item? For example I have preview blog posts list and I need in this items showing authors photo and name (green area). Photo and name takes from other collection.

Hey! Yeah that would be doable. Something like this:

1.(CMS) Create “Team” collection with Image and text fields.
2.(CMS) Create multi reference field in “Blog post collection”
3. (Designer) In your Blog collection list layout you should now be able assign your multi reference fields to the author image and name.

Sorry, I probably did not correctly ask the question. I have this collections structure:

In bottom of Blog Post Page I add CMS collection and connect to it “3 Also Like Posts” Multi-reference:

And when I try to connect authors photo I can’t do it (see list with only Blog Post values option):


Maybe I did not properly organize CMS structure?

Looks like your doing it right. Im not sure but maybe you need to set your “Author field” to a single reference instead of multi. Could you provide me with a read-only link to your site?

Thanks now I will try it.

Sorry I can’t. This is not my project.

Ok! Yeah that will probably work. :crossed_fingers:

Here Read-Only link, can you try do it?

Check out the video:

Everything was set up correct. I just had to reference the collection and then the fields.

Thats right, but you connect Blog collection and Webflow show all list. I find the way how showing 3 chosen items (like as you can see on screenshot):

So it’s generally possible to do Webflow?))

Yeah it possible. Im not really sure I understand what you are trying to achive with the “3 Also likes posts”. Are you trying to create something like “related posts” on a blog post detail page?

Right, but these posts must be selected manually (for each post they will be different)

Ah okey, no problem!

Take a look at my example here:

Good and now is a main question: could you try connect to this reference item authors photo or name?

I dont think its possible to reference that because its already inside of a multi reference. You can achieve what you want by simply adding the author image and name to every single blog post as a text and image field. Then you could display the image and text inside of the “related post multi reference”.

But this would probably be horrible for the client. I have to run to a meeting now but i can look further into this later.

Yes, I started to consider this method, maybe this will suit.

Thank you for your help and time, and have a good day :v::slightly_smiling_face:

No problem buddy! Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Hey! In case you missed the latest update from webflow on how to control visibility of cms items based on referenced items.

Control visibility of CMS items based on referenced items

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I missed this news, thanks for the notification!)