Is this possible with webflow Memberships?

I need some technical advice on a project I’m working on and wondered if you could give me some pointers on these features:

  1. User can login and manage their account details
  2. User can add images, details and facts about themselves
  3. User has their own self hosted page on the website that visitors can view to see more information about that user (Bit like a CMS page)

Is this possible with Webflow Memberships or do I need to look at something else?

Make a decision based on what is available today as a released product. It is not safe to make a business decision based on whether Webflow decides to release a feature or feature group in the near or distant future, which they may or may not do at all.

Look at the integrations section of the University to look at products you could use to potentially solve your use case today, Good luck with your project.

Hi @harry_roper, you’ve already received some good advise, but here’s my two cents…

No problemo with Webflow Memberships (linked tutorial with a bunch of examples). They give you an account page for this.

I’m not sure about the image part, natively, but I know everything else is doable via custom fields for the account and then exposing them to the account page (via the Designer).

No, this does not natively exist with Webflow Memberships.

The way around it is to associate your member to CMS items. Then you have what you’ve asked for. I’ve answered a similar questions in the past, here is one of those forum answers.

Totally possible with some glue and automation tools (Zapier, Make, Integromat).

The other option is Memberstack, what you ask for is more easily acheivable.

Here are a couple of screencasts walking through just that with Webflow + Memberstack:

Hope that helps!