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Hi everyone,

We’re looking to build a membership site for students, so they could add projects and edit them. Is it possible to do with the new membership features?

1st user flow - user creates a project:

  • User creates an account
  • User creates a project with name, description, images etc.
  • A CMS item is created for the project
  • User saves their progress
  • User publishes their project
  • The project is now available and public on the site

2nd user flow - user edits their project:

  • User logs in
  • User modifies project name and an an image
  • User saves their progress
  • User publish changes
  • CMS item is updated and published

Is this reasonable to build with the new membership feature?


Realistically, not yet- however these types of use cases are among the chief priorities of Membership and Logic.

Yea, I signed up for Logic Beta as well. Any idea when it’ll be released for beta testing?

Logic is open beta. Unless the team has changed something, it should be in the left toolbar of all of your sites already.

Logic overview | Webflow University.

Hi @pitz that was a great outline of what you wanted, thanks for being so detailed.

The issue currently with Webflow Memberships is the lack of association between a Membership and the CMS. They are two separate things not linked to one another.

So to make it all work you have to create that link.

With an open mind and a little bit of effort it’s totally doable.

Here’s the high-level overview (if you’re interested):

When a membership is created or updated you get the user id.

You tap into that functionality by creating a Webflow Webhook.

You can send that Webhook off to a glue service like Zapier, Make (Integromat), or even Webflow Logic to do what’s next…

Now you need to associate that user id to something in the Webflow CMS. The most common approach is by using CMS Collection Pages.

They give you a slug that’s associated with each item in the CMS. For example, if you had a users CMS Collection it might look like this:

The common approach has been to “hide” that item by replacing the slug bob-smith with something unguessable.

For example:

Ugly indeed :smile: but this gives you what you need and that can be automated via your glue service.

Next, you password protect that CMS Collection Page behind the memberships feature. Only logged in users would ever have the chance at guessing a users project page / dashboard, which is highly unlikely.

Now this user can create & update projects and that projects CMS could be public (e.g. not gated behind Webflow Memberships).

Through your glue service you can also take the users dashboard link ( and add it to their Memberships account page.

Membership account pages are only accessable by the currently logged in user (Webflow handles that for you).

When a user logs in, they go to their account page and click into their user dashboard / project page.

As Webflow backfills some of these features that you’re forced into manually creating, you can incrementally remove them.

Another option is to skip Webflow Memberships for now and use something like Memberstack which gives you the flexibility you’re looking for out of the box.

Here’s a screencast walking through what you’ve asked for:

(if you dig around on the site you’ll find a bunch more)

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @memetican but I can’t see that button for some reason. I have the memberships button there. I’ll try to sign up again. Maybe it’s a bug…

@ChrisDrit thanks for the thorough explanation. Really appreciate the efforts! I’ll try to make it work that way. It seems feasible, indeed.


I just came across a post from Chris Laupama in the Logic BETA forum regarding this- when you first sign up for logic, you’re sent an email with a form link to complete the process.

The key is to sign up using the same email :
First sign - Workflow automation powered by Webflow Logic | Webflow
Then sign this agreement - Webflow Logic Beta

If you still aren’t getting access, you Chris is fielding requests on this thread.