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Creating user CMS + E-commerce site (like Masterclass)

Hey everyone! I would like to find out if my idea is possible on Webflow and how something like this could be integrated.

Essentially, the site would need several components:

  1. login/sign up page
  2. user dashboard where they can edit profile information, update their bio
  3. within the dashboard allow users to create e-commerce products (downloadable courses/content), making them editable for the user that goes straight to the live site (e.g Erik wants to sell a course on real estate investing, he create his profile on the site, enter all his info, upload a video file or pdf and set a price on the product, share his URL and have people buy his content. (additional items like booking 1:1 calls for payment, with calendar integration)
  4. store all this data, user accounts, users for-sale courses, etc.

I would greatly appreciate any advice this community has! A good example of this site would be www.superpeer.com or www.masterclass.com for reference, looking to see what solutions + Webflow could create a site like this, thank you!

Hi @ethanmryakker :wave: numbers 1, 2, and 4 that you’ve outlined are easily solvable. I have a series of screencasts that would walk you through how to do that, step-by-step. You’ll want to see all available on the site, but here’s a couple to get you started:

  1. Login/signup page:
  1. User Dashboard:

2a. Edit profile information:

  1. Store all of this data:

The screencasts above walk through that, along with others on my site

For your number 3…

That’s going to be a bit more challenging, though totally doable. I don’t have a direct link with a step-by-step walk through but what you’re asking for is a “marketplace”. A good starting point with a nice high-level overview for whats possible would be found here: https://www.connorfinlayson.com/ncc

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Hey @ChrisDrit ,

Thanks for the HUGE amount of information and knowledge, greatly appreciated. A quick question, when approaching this idea of a marketplace, I want to know if this solution is doable. It’s a bit more limited but good for an MVP. Would it be possible that after a user creates an account and goes to the dashboard, they can essentially fill out a form that automatically creates an e-commerce product on the site. For example, Bob fills out a form (form includes Title, description, image, price) of the product, then something like Airtable stores this data and pushes it to Webflow to create a product attached to that user. I understand this limits the user from editing the product, but seems like an easy way for users to push products one-way, and have it attached to only their profile on the CMS. Is this possible?

The ultimate goal is to have user profiles of influencers where they can sell digital courses, as well as book calls with fans. Would love to hear your feedback on approaching this project, and possibly even if you knew experts who can assist/build out parts of this project for pay.

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I don’t see any issue with that. I also don’t think you “need” Airtable with that use-case (though it doesn’t hurt to use it as a backup) as you can just use the Webflow CMS for this. Those screencasts show you how to do it.

The last screencast link I posted walks through how to setup an edit form, behind user authentication. You could easily retool that for your needs. Instead of submitting that form for the specific user, it posts a public “product” that non-logged in users could view.

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