Membership/Logic - Displaying User Specific Information

Hello everyone!!

I’m trying to create a specific page per member in webflow I have access to logic and memberships, I prefer no use other alternatives as MemberStacks, but I don’t find any information about how to do that in members/logic beta. Do you have any idea or any resource that I can take a look?

Thank you!!

@Renata_Walker unfortunately you’re not able to do that out-of-the-box (yet) without some serious work to glue that all together yourself.

You can do creative things like using lookup tables by getting the user id when the membership is created and storing it in Airtable.

Then create a unique CMS item for each member.

The lookup table would be the association between the item id and the user id.

The CMS Collection could be gated, but not each individual item (user).

So the typical approach is to give each item a slug filled with random numbers.


It’s unlikely anyone else would find that.

Again, doable, but not simple and straightforward.

Thank you so much Chris!!

And is there any way to know which user is currently logged in?

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Your welcome :raised_hand:

Unfortunately, nothing supported on their end, yet. They’ve talked about releasing (very soon) conditional visibility for elements based upon being logged in or not, so there is a chance they’d include this too :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately not. I’ve built a prototype solution of this but it’s barely viable, and I’ve not found any solid way to access the Member ID. You can get the Name and Email, but the email is the only unique key that you could potentially use as an identifier.