Is it possible to create a Membership site

  • Is it possible to create a membership site, on a website that I have built for about 3 years ago?
    And make it so that these members (approx. 50 members) can go to their page and make changes to the text and images?

It’s possible but a challenging solution. You would need to use third-party solutions.

Hi @neanea6060 It is possible, Webflow have the Memberships option under Users in the left panel (see screenshot). This is still in a beta state but works ok. You will need at least a CMS site plan to use this feature.

You can then import all the users from your previous sites’ database via a csv file. When enabling the Users option on the site, it will auto create page templates such as log in/sign up and user account page which you can design to your own liking.

Hope this helps.