Is "Interactions 2.0" coming soon?

I’m really excited about using interactions 2.0!!! I haven’t really seen anything new on this since it was announced several months ago. Is there any news on Interactions 2.0 that I have missed? Is this something that could be here within weeks, or should I not hold my breath?


I for one am holding my breath and don’t intend to let it go :wink:


Wondering the same thing … seems like promises are increasing and deliveries are decreasing. Can I assume the x2 increase in fees is to support delivering on promises …


Hello, dear webflow-team! When will be work interactions 2.0? (
I’m really looking forward to this functional =)

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I can’t bare the excitement any longer!

This is spot on. Promises are increasing, deliveries are decreasing, and there is no transparency so we can not rely on Webflow. It would be more helpful to know how the progress of certain developments is going so I can have expectations. But without expectations, it’s easy to fill in the blanks or create false narratives, and hard to want to put more clients on Webflow’s servers because of lack of expediencies. At this point, I expect another stupid and tiny update in one month. And it will be nothing that I can use to positively reflect my work.

If only Webflow had more transparency…

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I, for one, am not holding my breath for interactions 2.0. I expect it to be the next portion of disappointment, only reinforcing the impression that Webflow is in decay.

A simple thing such as the new placement of symbols has not been fixed yet (and maybe would never be?), despite a number of forum posts and subsequent wishlist requests. We had it fixed from grid view to list view, after weeks of its new appearance and things ceased at that meager improvement… If a simple UI glitch like that (which should have never appeared on the first place, had there been proper testing / QA/ whatever) does not get taken care of, why should we expect Interactions 2.0 to come clean and straightforward? Reason hints me, they would come with annoying limitations in scope and lacklustre UI, which would take ages to improve, if at all. Like so many other things to this day…

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In one year you can lear all you need to create all the interactions that will come with the new version! Just saying! :grin:

I’d say the new Wishlist site is a large (additional) step towards being pretty transparent. What would you like to see more of exactly?


ETA on deliverables …

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Considering how much more we are paying compared with the lack of transparency and useful updates, I can’t disagree. I’m not quite as lowly on Webflow as you might be, but I definitely think there is a lot of room for improvement. If Webflow is going to brand itself towards everything little, it is aiming the wrong direction. You can do anything, but whether it’s worth using Webflow for a lot of things that the platform does not directly support is up to you and how willing you are to spend the money and be a mindless and patient consumer. I feel like there is a lot that can be improved with the UI, but considering how simple it is, it makes zero sense that certain things are missing and it is not responsive at all. It almost makes me wonder how dedicated they really are at improving Webflow. There are lots of blanks to fill with zero transparency and a unique marketing campaign. That includes the people/professional(s) they pay to talk about Webflow.

Anyway, I don’t expect Interactions 2.0 to be very satisfactory, even with the long time it has been in development. There will be more requests and promises made, and the platform will continue with making more promises and delivering less. And the deliveries will become bigger, so they will be even slower/lesser in quantity.

I can’t say it enough though: WEBFLOW NEEDS TO TRANSPARENCY. Transparency is not promising certain features in the future. Transparency is being up close and personal, honest, and developing a relationship directly with people around Webflow as opposed to relying on the marketing campaign to do that by paying certain people. I would like to know specifics on Interactions 2.0. What might make it in, what might not, etc. I’d like to know how long they think it will take, delays, etc. If they can hire people to talk about Webflow, they can hire someone to build transparency about Webflow.

I just don’t see how telling us what is planned is being transparent. Something is not transparent when it creates more questions than it answers. You might as well not even have a wishlist if you’re not going to go a step up with what people really want to know.

I have become accustomed to getting close with companies I like. It was very similar with Mojang way back in the day. Except because they released Snapshots, they didn’t really have to tell us what to expect and when (although they still told us “late spring” or “summer” or “next month” and told us ahead of time if there might be a huge delay). Those snapshots were the full transparency everyone was looking for. Maybe it involved less communication with everyone because they could simply release a snapshot with a few lines of text, but it was plenty. No one asked for more transparency because it was all everyone ever wanted.


Check out this wishlist item and click vote if you want more transparency: A visual timeline of “planned” wishlist items

Maybe adding new feature milestones would help us anticipate new releases.


If you allow me to spam this thread, as the topic of transparency was raised already, I’d like to bring up this suggestion aimed at greater transparency: Suggestion for a webinar on improving Webflow's pricing model & pricing page UI

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I don’t stay updated on all of the threads as much as others … so please excuse me if there is another thread on Transparency …

IMO, Webflow has hit a popularity plateau where demand from their customer base has exceeded capacity of the company. This is a good thing (looking at it from a glass half full perspective) … but, does cause stress …

Many companies seemingly appear to ‘hide’ when this happens …

My recommendation is that Webflow enhance their ‘Planned’ category to include delivery date and hit those dates, PERIOD. This will drive best practices internally. Not doing so is simply a bad practice …

Soapbox done …


Why they inserted this plugin int the Interactions v2 website?

When is this beeing launched?

That is the million dollar question!

I couldn’t give two hoots to their transparency or lack of. Let me explain…

While I get excited and welcome new improvements, for the most part, I really enjoy working on Webflow even in this version.

The functionality is already way better than anything I have used previously and I have learned key aspects to html/css/js, which quite frankly bored me to death prior. I continue to improve on best practices, purely because of the WF Saas.

I have seen welcome improvements throughout my lonesome journey with them and ubiquitously they have saved me time and generated income which was unavailable to me previously. The fact that I can offer services to clients, which I was previously inept, is quite simply brilliant. It will be a boon when they roll out additional functionality (which they will) but in the meantime I still have a Saas which has more bells and whistles than a carnival.

I have read all the issues, am a keen voyeur on the forums, feel engaged with the product and am unapologetically, a WF fanboy.

For the record I am generally a cynic and can decipher when I am being sold a donkey for a racehorse. I don’t see this with WF. I am a JAM (just about managing) designer who has been in the industry for over 20 years and still remember when you had time to make a cup of tea when applying a blur to a photoshop document.

Onwards and upwards.


Even if they can’t hit those dates dead on, we won’t be upset. We just want a general idea. Companies that hide like this always end up hurting themselves more than if they would have just been transparent enough. Companies are more popular and successful when they are transparent about launches. There will always be those few people who you can never satisfy, and they already know that. So if they know that, why is it an issue to be transparent? It can’t possibly hurt them as a company.