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Interactions 2.0...when?

Webflow has announced that Interactions 2.0 is coming soon. Anyone have a better indication of when?

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My guess is months away!

Do you have any factual evidence to support that?

Nope but if you look at the CMS release it took awhile, Plus interactions 2.0 has to hit Beta before it goes live, so yeah a couple of months I think.

You can’t base your prediction on how long CMS took, it’s apples to oranges.

I’d really like to hear from someone either at Webflow or who has some credible information.

I’m sorry that my answer did not please you! You did ask this though [quote=“LOGODUDEabides, post:1, topic:33042”]
Anyone have a better indication of when?

Webflows past actions are an indication, is it a rock solid indication? No.
But no one knows when it will be released except webflow.
And this is a forum, so people are going to reply, if my answer is not what you want to hear i’m sorry mate.


As with everything we create, we take our time to create quality features rather than trying to rush them. This is why we never have set release dates. Just know that when it’s ready, we’ll let everyone know.

Hang tight! :smiley:


Webflow on updates = Sgt. Dignam’s theory on the Feds…

Maybe the launch is closer than we think! :thinking:

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