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Interactions 2.0 for Webflow

Its been years already, whats the holdup?

Parallax and other features in interactions 2.0 are already fading out of the webdesign scene (or at least the gravity they used to hold) and Webflow is still taking its time with it.

With Webgl now starting to dominate the web allowing for lightweight 3D rendering and mind blowing graphics how far behind will Webflowers stay in the competitive world of webdesign?

Seriously. We are not asking for much.


Yeah bro, this waiting has been crazy.

I don’t understand why they would release a teaser landing page and make us wait a year.

I think interactions 2 was just the idea and not a real product. And we can learn a lot in a year like hand coding animations or learn to use another cms.

It’s a real feature that webflow has been trying to create for over a year.

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Since Interactions 2.0 was announced I have learned Javascript… so I could learn Jquery… So I could easily do the things that Interactions 2.0 was promising to do, but never delivered. The whole point of Webflow is to be able to create modern, semantically coded websites without code. But if they don’t release a feature until AFTER the design trend has fallen out of fashion, the only way to achieve the effect is coding it yourself. It seems like with their current structure they’re not able to keep up with the speed of evolving web technologies and trends. How far back has Interactions 2.0 pushed future improvements that they were hoping to get out ahead of the curve? Is this going to push back CSS grids being implemented in a reasonable time? Is it pushing back more SASS-like features from being implemented?

I love Webflow, but this has been one of my biggest pain points of the product…

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