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Suggestion for a webinar on improving Webflow's pricing model & pricing page UI

Given that Webflow’s pricing is a hot topic and given that there is plenty of capable professionals in this community who could contribute with ideas and UI mockups, I’d like to suggest that we have a webinar on improving Webflow’s pricing.

I am proposing this, because we can see a lot of disagreement with the latest pricing changes. Constructive suggestions, accordingly, could lead us both, users and Webflow team, to a better solution.

My own stance is that the biggest problem is not the volume of price increase, but the over-complicated structure of pricing, naturally leading to a complicated UI representation and then lack of understanding why it costs so much.

(Paying my subscription for a third year, I experienced confusion with the plans myself and I had to contact support a number of times.)

Therefore, my specific suggestion to Webflow is to ask users to propose their visions of pricing models + UI layouts for those models and then invite two or three selected users (preferably fluent English language speakers) to present live their proposals.

My expectation would be for this public appearance to attract even more suggestions/ refinements of the original suggestions.

Of course this is just a hint how the whole concept could go through, any other ideas are warmly welcome.

It is important to note, as well, that the idea behind this is not to replace the role of Webflow team in desiging their pricing model. At the very least, this is their job. The idea is to support Webflow in resolving this long-standing issue, with the external point of view of paying users and with a good dose of purely emotional inspiration.


First, it might be a good idea to do a survey to work out how many this issue actually effects. The thing that got me the other day is the ‘Enhanced Staging’ which only allows me to create up to 50 collection items on a project, even as a pro member… What?

I’m not sure asking users to present their vision of pricing models or layouts is particularly wise, as to do that effectively would require in-depth knowledge of how the business is structured… Most designers I know don’t really have a clue about business. But that is a sweeping assumption.

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to work out how many this issue actually effects.

How do you survey newcomers, who visit the site, check here and there, and then give up because of confusion from the pricing page, and then never visit back? :slight_smile: If we need to convince each other with statistical evidence that the new pricing is confusing, Webflow is lost… But the key point is that if something (as important as the pricing) could become better, why not try and make it better?

I’m not sure asking users to present their vision of pricing models or layouts is particularly wise, as to do that effectively would require in-depth knowledge of how the business is structured…

While this is generally correct, there are a few points which make a difference:

  • not all forum users are necessarily designers; some may be involved in marketing, others run their own freelancing businesses and are not that far from understanding pricing;
  • I would guess that there’s plenty of usability experts here and simplicity in pricing is a matter of usability, and even more so, is its visual representation;
  • Webflow users, as whole, may not be experts in pricing, but they have one very strong advantage - they have the point of view, of paying users. This is a huge advantage which could compensate the lack of marketing expertize. Actually, a few suggestions on pricing have already been made. Hey, most of us are not experts in building UI for visual coding tools, either, but this does not prevent us from coming up with ideas what could be streamlined - namely, because we have the proper point of view, that of a tool’s users;
  • the main idea is not to have users provide the ultimate solution but rather hint at useful starting points.

Even as a designer with a few employee designers, it’s difficult to find that Webflow is targeting me. I feel like it targets larger firms. It’s difficult to convince anyone (mostly small businesses and individuals) that Webflow is superior to Wordpress somehow. When they see Webflow is more expensive, they immediately don’t care.

I am afraid there’s a misunderstanding here - my call is about discussing a simpler (and possibly more acceptable) pricing structure (including the UI aspect), not the price increases themselves. I can see a much greater turn-off due to the complexity of the pricing structure, rather than the increase.

Of all the web services I have ever seen, I have never stumbled upon a so complicated, illogical and misleading pricing structure.

This is especially disturbing because we expect this same company to continue to deliver top-notch UI (no matter whether it is the site’s or the tool’s UI - it is one brand and we want it to be easy and intuitive all along the way, no matter if we are building an accordion interaction or choosing a subscription plan.)

If Webflow are set to be persistent about convincing us that the new prices are worth for what we get - be it so, that is actually great. But it is obvious that they need to do this now with plenty of additional explanations…while it should be self-evident on the pricing page. Currently it is hard to figure out what you are paying for at all, let alone, whether it is worth it or not…

It is another matter, that Webflow could possibly make the same projected profit with a different (better) pricing structure.

Ahh, ok I misunderstood. Thanks for the clarification, sorry for the last post then.

I would have to agree with @uzzer about clarification of the pricing structure.

It is extremely confusing for potential (Webflow) clients as well as veterans like myself.

I’ve been with Webflow going 3 years. I started with a Pro Plan and Upgraded to a Team Plan.

The only reason I upgraded to the Team Plan was to have access to more than 50 Projects in my dashboard.

Now that Webflow has changed their service to allow unlimited Projects for the Pro and Team Plans… all I need is the Pro Plan at $420.

Now here’s the problem.

I explained my situation with Webflow

  • they told me it would cost $420 to renew.

My Dashboard -> Account Settings -> Billing says

  • I renewed for $420

  • My Credit Card was hit for

  • $936 (Jan 25) and $420 (Jan 26)

  • for a total of $1356

What’s up with that ? I haven’t received a response - which is unusual because Webflows Billing Dept responded quickly in the past. So maybe the email when somewhere else.

I work alone. I don’t have partners. I(Currently) don’t work with other Designers / Developers / Agencies on Webflow (even though I would like to).

I contract out to a couple Agencies not on Webflow and I get a lot of referrals.

So based on the Webflow Plan Page

all I need is the Pro Plan for $420 a year paid upfront.

Why would ANYONE upgrade and pay double for new client billing. MAKES ZERO SENSE TO ME.

The guys at Webflow seems for forget that designers need to win money also! Its not a normal hosting platform as Weebly or another build your own website platform. Its a designers hosting platform. Give us (designer above 10 customers) back the 50% of the hosting plans as first, then stop calculating so much extra for the designer! i still pay the 750,- dollar for the designer, so that my SEO also can join me?!?!? Can build ourselfs a company incase of a hour machine company!

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