Can't wait for Interactions 2.0!

Very, very looking forward to using this.

Good work all at Webflow.



Oh yes!! This is very exciting =D


Wow, this is going to be amazing … hoping that to make the smoothest parallax:

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I’m excited too - looks great!

Teresa - Pixel Panda

I can´t wait for this!

Do we have any type of ETA for the release of the beta?

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Just a quick post as I saw there’s a lot of people as excited as I am about these new features! I’ve put together a little list of a few of my favourite examples of parallax/active scrolling for people to get inspired by/recreate when Interactions 2.0 launches.

Active scolling as a feature on Webflow, in my opinion, sets it way above any web builder on offer (it is the one thing I think Semplice does very well, but now I strongly believe WF is ahead of them in the game!)

One thing with parallax and active scrolling, *less is more. From my view, there have been loads of websites filled with parallax scroll, especially in its early days, and it has become almost a gimick in some sites. But, done well and used sparingly, it’s literally an awesome thing. So keep that in mind if you have a peek at the links I’ve added. Again, cannot wait to get started with Interactions 2.0.
Awesome use of separately moving images (similar to what’s used on the WF interactions preview page)

One of my favourite details on Medium, a very subtle movement in the background image and the text fades out as you scroll

Seen this trend on a few websites, changing the background colour of the page as you scroll. It’s nice because it creates a smooth transition between sections on the page. Particularly like this site because it has background video!

Not overdoing the parallax movement (anymore and I think it would be annoying/buggy!) but just enough to give some life
Probably the simplest to execute in the list but just shows how this feature (active scroll) really brings pages to life. This site is one, not very long page with very little on it, but it doesn’t feel bland or empty because the movement of the brush strokes sets it off.



Any news regarding this?

Webflow announced it as ‘COMING SOON’ in early 2015…
The last update about this on the forum was “we’ll be working on it next year…” (ie.2016).
Now that we are nearly in 2017 do you guys have any update at all for us?
Even an ETA would be appreciated…

^^ imagine recreating that homepage within 2 hours. uuugh. can’t wait.


Love the colours that site :art:

How about this one? :smile:

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hey @perkristian … I really like the moving images.

How’d you do that ? Really… I want to know :slight_smile:

very nice…

So demanding!

I have no doubt they’re as keen to launch this as we are to start using it…


I don´t think it´s too complicated @Revolution . It’s a horizontal parallax movement of persons that are cut out and then there is an interaction when you click on a person that zoom in and add a background with info.
Should be doable. I will try to recreate this when interactions 2.0 are available. :smile:

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Hey all, is there an eta for Interactions 2.0 beta? Just wondering if anyone knows when will we finally get a chance to test it out ourselves.



It’s almost been 6 months and nothing yet?


Update pretty please??