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Interactions 2.0: it's been 9 months

Hi guys! Is there any specific information about when Interactions 2.0 will be released? Part of the reason why I choose for webflow was that this was a feature that would come soon. But now we’re almost waiting for a year. Hope someone can give some clearity on this :slight_smile:

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The best piece of info we’ve got so far :stuck_out_tongue:

We discuss this a bit in an article we published earlier today:


I have just read the linked blog and yes, this all sounds like great news to me and very exciting. People like me (Older and who never learnt how to code) are able to run a web design business thanks to Webflow and for that I am eternally grateful. Keep up the good work team.


Hey @jmw,

can you say anything about the development of the cheaper hosting plan.


Great news! thanks for your reply

Hey @Maurice—going to hand you off to @brjohnson on that

Hey @Maurice - shoot me a DM and we can chat about discounted bulk hosting!

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