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Importing multiple images to CMS via CSV file


I need to upload 100’s of images to a Collection where each record is an image name and the image itself. Is there a way of doing this via a CSV and if so, what do I put in the ‘image’ field? I’ve tried referencing a URL of the image location but when it comes to mapping the field during upload, I can’t map to an image type field as the CSV field contains a URL.

What am I doing wrong?


Here is my public share link:

Could you provide screenshots/video recording of what you are trying to do, as well as post a link to the CSV file you are trying to import?


I want to use a CSV file to import a lot of images into a CMS Collection that has 2 fields: Image Name (Text field), Image Link (URL).

On the Webflow University page ( you say
“Image field - images should be added as direct URLs (links that end in an image file extension) in your CSV. Only images with any of the supported image file types will be imported into your Collection.”

However, when uploading, I’ve tried uploading the CSV and mapping the Image URL field to the CMS Link field, but that doesn’t pull the image into the CMS.

I’ve attached a view of the CMS record after import and also the CSV.

Any help would be great - thanks!


That isn’t an image field in your collection. I think it needs to be an actual image field.

Hi Sam,

That’s exactly the point I made in my first email. If I make the CMS field an image field, then it won’t map to a URL in the CSV file (See attached screen clip).

So can you please tell me how I create a CSV file with URLs of the images that will then map to an image field in the CMS? It doesn’t seem possible to me…

I have 100’s of images to upload so creating each record individually isn’t really an option.



Hi @starfish,

The image url in the CSV has to point to an image file that is already hosted on the internet, and not from your local computer.

This is because Webflow will access the URL and download the image. They cannot use that link to reach your computer, as that is a local link only valid on your computer.

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Will dropbox share links work? Is webflow going to take that image and host it into itself so if my dropbox share links are disabled, the image won’t be broken on the website?

You can host your images in Google Drive and use an Add On called Drive Explorer (free for one sheet, don’t waste it) to generate hard links to the images. It works.

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Hey @samliew, do you know if it’s possible to automate multi images from form submission to CMS collection item through Zapier? I can’t make it work. I have 6 different file upload fields, but I’m not sure how should I format it on Zapier so it recognizes all those images as a multi image field. If in Zapier I link 1 of them, it works, but as soon as I add more than 1 than there’s no data going to webflow.

Thank you!!!

Does Webflow then import those images into a project’s Assets library?
Could one also theoretically import images into Webflow and then get the URL from Webflow’s server? What’ll happen then, will it re-import another copy of the images?