Import Multiple IMAGE URLs into Gallery Field

I’m migrating a site from another platform and I have a CSV file with each portfolio page and then a gallery of image URL’s. Each URL is in a column for each row of portoflio item.
However, you can only map one column per webflow field.

  • How can I get it so I can point all of the URL’s into the one gallery field so I can make the lightbox and not using individual image fields.

Thank you. See screenshot

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I have also tried putting all the image url’s in one column separated by comma in the column, but then Webflow doesn’t recognize it. Says the link is broken.


I haven’t needed to load the gallery field, so I don’t have a ready answer for you.

However I’d first check to see if there is a clear construction that Webflow uses for gallery fields. Make a test CMS with a gallery field, load a few images, export it, and inspect the CSV.

It might point you in the right direction.

Actually, I figured it out :slight_smile:
They just need to be semi-colon separated.
And I was able to use the JOIN function on Google Sheets to join a series of column data into one column, and separate the data by a semi-colon.

Works perfectly.