Bulk uploading images via CMS

What is the easiest and/or cheapest way to bulk upload images via CMS and a CSV file?

The project I am working on will have a number of items in the collection, each one with jpgs, png, glb files attached.

Due to the number of items (700+) I’m looking for the simplest way to go about doing this.

I’ve seen some discussion on this topic before but because they were a little dated I wondered if there is a more recent way to approach it.

@o_rei - Welcome to the forum. Here a some guidelines for you to follow;

Learn more at: Import collection items | Webflow University

Thanks for the reply.

What’s the best way to automate generating the direct URLs that I then add into my CSV?

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  1. Prepare your files
    Give them a regular naming structure that you can keep track of them, and put them all into a single directory so that you can work with them.

  2. Upload to a server
    You can use an Amazon S3 bucket, Dropbox, or even GitHub to upload your files. As long as you get full, predictable URL paths that you can append the file name to, you’re good.

  3. Prepare for CSV import
    Concatenate the server directory path with your file names and add them to your CSV for import. Use the command line to list out the filenames.


Still a bit confused… after importing the CSV, are the images copied into the Webflow CDN and their URLs updated (same as how they are if you upload them manually when entering a new Collection item) or are they simply linked to where they are stored at the time of import (e.g. Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.).

Those images are imported into Webflow’s hosting, so you only need those live online URLs during the import process itself.

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