Updating / Overwriting some CMS via CVS upload without overwriting others


On my existing website I have list of information which I import as a CSV and overwrite with an updated import when necessary. I’ve recently been trying to add images for each column to make my website less wordy. In an ideal word I could assign an image to each column in my master spreadsheet but looking at the article below, it seems that would only be possible with a third party hosting your images such as google drive.

I would like to avoid the costs associated with using a third party host and I don’t believe I will need to update my images anywhere near as regularly as I update the information on the CVS, so I was wondering if there is a way for me to manually update each row photo within webflow, which would not be updated when importing an updated CSV.

The issue I have at the minute is I can upload the pictures manually but when I update the info on the site by importing an updated CSV, it will remove the images field as this column doesn’t exist within my CSV, so I would have to manually re-upload each photo again every time I update the information on the site.

Alternatively if this isn’t possible, could anyone recommend a free third party image host which would work through webflow.

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Just to be clear, when you load images into Webflow’s CMS using CSV, the image URLs are used to load them. Once load happens, those images are hosted on Webflow’s own servers- you will not need a 3rd party host.

The rest sounds like technique.

You can export your CSV, open it in a spreadsheet, update your image URL’s and re-import it.

Or, you might be able to ( I haven’t tested this recently ) create a CSV which has only the slug field and the image URL, and it may be able to update only that field without clearing the others.

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for responding.

I may have not used the correct terminology apologies.

what I mean is I have the images saved locally on my computer, therefore I don’t have a URL for them - so in my mind I would need a third party to host the image online so I can obtain a URL to input into my spreadsheet from there. Unless my thinking is wrong and I can get a URL without a image hosting 3rd party? If so that would solve my issue.

Thanks again


Uploading them to dropbox or google drive doesn’t really count as hosting, but yes you’d need them somewhere online temporarily in order to be able to auto-import those images.

You can just use the free versions of those services.

Airtable works great for this. And if you temporarily host your images with them it opens the door to using the free version of PowerImporter (by community member @JudoHacker) to manage your imports in a more sane way.

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