How to add form block in Blog post?

Hi webflow comu,
I want to add a form in a specific post. How to add Form block in Blog post?

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Hey nguyenngochung- Are you looking to have a specific form on each CMS post? I think this article may help!

Hi, thanks for supporting. But no, i want to insert a form like this in a specific blog post

Create a switch field in your blog post collection, add the form to your blog post collection page, and set the conditional visibility to only show that form if the switch is checked. Now the form will only display on the blog posts with that switch enabled.

I wasn’t able to modify your collections, but I went ahead and setup something similar and walked through how to get that setup:


oh so smart, why didn’t I think of that. Thank you very much, very detailed guide

Cheers, this is great! I’m trying to do something similar but have a Convertkit email collection form inline about half way through the main text of longer blog posts when it’s appropriate.

Does that mean I need to create two ‘rich text block’ fields in a dedicated longer post blog template page and insert the ‘embed block’ in the middle?

Wondering if I’m missing a more elegant way to do it that means I can keep 1 template for all blog posts and just toggle on or insert the email collect into the 1 text field when needed for the lengthier articles?

Thanks for any help!

In your case I’d recommend just using the Form Embed that ConvertKit provides instead as it will allow you to keep a single field for your blog content. Admittedly I’m not too familiar with the platform but the link below should point you in the right direction for grabbing the necessary code:

When making your post—either within the Designer or Editor—just make sure you’re on a new line, click the insert flyout menu, select the “Embed Code” option (< > icon) and include your code there:


Thanks so much @mikeyevin this helped me figure it out!

For some reason I’m not getting or seeing the flyout menu functionality in chrome within my pasted text in the ‘rich text field’, even when I create many new lines.

I took out my pasted text, cleared the box and started again and the flyout menu appeared like your screengrab shows. Then I re-pasted my text around it.

Thanks, that was really confusing. I had originally expected something simpler like that :smile:

ps. (Wondered if it might be an issue with a chrome extension I’ve got or something?! just guessing)

Awesome, glad you were able to get it figured out!

Not too sure why you’d be having an issue with pasting text into the field, but chances are it may have been including some “hidden” styling that was affecting the behavior of Webflow’s rich text editor.

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Thanks Mikey, yeah… haven’t figured that out, was pasting into Sublime Text then back but easy to avoid now I know.