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Hi! I am working on a website for a client and the point of their website is for people to share stories from their neighborhood. So I am wondering how I can create a form where people can write their stories, and then it becomes a blog post on the “stories” page. I know how to create a blog post page and a contact form, but I can´t figure out how to make the submissions appear as blog posts… Has anyone done this before?

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@ceciliehagen - I think you could do this in one of two ways.

Use a service like Zapier to receive the form posts, and then create a CMS item based on that form submission:

The alternative would be to build this functionality yourself by building a middle-layer app using something like Python or Node to set up a server to receive posts and use the Webflow API to create CMS items.

Using Zapier is a lot faster in this case, but it’s totally based on your preferred method of implemenation.

okay cool, I will check it out. Thanks!

Welcome @ceciliehagen :wave:

Chiming in and backing up Sam’s already great advice.

Wanted to followup with a step-by-step screencast walking through exactly this:

And then if you want to get a bit more advanced you could follow that up with something like this:

If those are helpful you’ll find a ton more tutorials and screencasts walking through these sorts of things, here:

okay cool! Is it possible to create a field in the form so people can upload an image also?

@ChrisDrit is it possible to create a section to add an image on the form? :slight_smile:

@ceciliehagen, yea, it’s not tooooooo bad.

A couple of options:

Option 1

You can use Webflow file upload feature if you purchase a Webflow Business account. It’s limiting but if you don’t need much, it’s a native, integrated solution.

Option 2

Or you can use something like Uploadcare. Once you move beyond the free tier it gets expensive really fast, and it’s not a simple straightforward integration. But it’s really the best non-native option available.

Here’s an example site I’ve created with it:

Go ahead and signup (you can use a fake email address) and you’ll have the opportunity to see Uploadcare in action and add a profile picture.

I was going to make a tutorial out of this but haven’t had the chance yet.