In a blog post template, how can I add a form element to a specific designated post without affecting other posts?

Hello, I have an issue where I’m stuck when receiving a request from a customer that they only want to add a form element to a selected post instead of all posts. These posts are collectively created by a blog post template. Is there any way to handle this issue in this case? Thank you all for listening to me. :blush:

Two primary approaches that are natively supported.

Put the form on your collection page, but set it to conditionally visible so that it only appears on the items you want.

Create an HTML embed and put a form in it as HTML. You’ll need to create your own handler, such as a Make webhook, or a 3rd party form handler like Basin.


I think the first way suits me better. Thank you, I will try this approach.

I tried the first way, but the solution it offers is not effective for me. It might be because I didn’t accurately describe the issue I’m facing. The problem I have is that I don’t know if there’s a way to add a custom-designed form to a blog post template that applies only to one post instead of all.

Yes, you described it fine.

  • Create the form
  • Make it conditionally visible, only for the post you want

The conditional visibility rule here isn’t ideal, because you cannot base it on the slug which is the only guaranteed-unique part of the CMS item. However you can base in the name if that’s unique, or add a boolean switch “Show Form?” and only show the form when it’s toggled to yes.