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I have recently built a blog in Webflow and was not so happy to find that there is no html-editor for the blog post. I need to embed different sign up forms in some of my blog posts.

I thought I had a solution when I found that I could add a text field and link it to a custom code block, as described here: https://help.webflow.com/article/how-to-use-dynamic-embeds-on-your-webflow-site

What I found, thought, is that this will make it show up in EVERY blog post. If I do not link to the text field in the blog post, the code will just show up broken.

I need a way to only have sign up forms in some of my posts.

Right now I’m just linking text to a landing page with a sign up form - but I really would like to be able to embed forms and other stuff as it suits me for each post. Is this possible? Or is a solution coming soon?

This is the first time I regret not using Squarespace instead…

My preview link:

Hi @Malixten

You can achieve this by using conditional visibility.

Here is a quick video I made for you: https://cl.ly/0h1V2E453A1y

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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BIG thanks! Works great :slight_smile:

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