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Custom html embed links in CMS

I have been trying to input separate links into an html div block for my each of my blog post. The links are for separate ontraport forms to download different lead magnets.
The issue is that all the links show the same exact form.
I narrowed the issue down to either:

  1. It’s because it is included In a CMS template or
  2. The div block classes are bound and I can’t change/unlink them or make combo classes.

Please assist with how to fix.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @Mavenmark,

I think I don’t quite get your question. But I think what you need to do is to add a dynamic embed. So open your embed element in your cms collections page and highlight the link that you have and click on + Add Field and select the “link” entry from your collections.

That way each page will use its corresponding link. I hope this helps.

Hi Pablo,

I tried this and it only added text of the blog link, which is not what I need.

What Im trying to do is have a separate form linked to each of my different blog posts.
For example, one blog post is about leadership and one is about teamwork. I want to have a lead magnet form on the leadership post, and a different lead magnet form on the teamwork post.
The issue is that all of forms default to the same html code every time I try to change the html code it for the different post. So even though I put in the teamwork html code on the teamwork blog post, it defaults to the leadership html code.
If you look at my assessments page, there is an image on the left and a corresponding form to the right of each image. There are 5 images and 5 separate forms.
When you go to the blog posts, there are 12 different blog posts and only 1 of form that links to 1 subject. I need 12 different forms just like the assessment page blocks. I hope this clarifies it.

this is how it should be

But this is how it is. It should be showing the diversity form instead of the same strategic planning form.

Hey @Mavenmark,

I think I got it now. So what do you need to is add the id related to each form dynamically. You will find the id on the embed code for each form.

the value of the id that says data-opf-uid will have to be added to your cms and added dynamically on the embed code. Does that make sense? Let me know.

Ah, that makes sense. I understand what to do now, but don’t know where to input the data.

Do I add it here in the Attributes,

Or here as a CMS Field

@Mavenmark you have to add a cms field

Got it, but there is no htlm option, so what type of field do I add?

You can just use a plain text field since you will still need to use the html code on the embed element, you will just have to replace the id dynamically with the Add field option @Mavenmark

Ok, I’m not sure how to “add it dynamically” in the html embed.
Also, I’ve created the field in CMS. Do I have to paste each id in the CMS field or do I put in the entire html code?

Can you give me more of a step by step to add it dynamically. The Webflow University video didn’t help.

Hey @Mavenmark,

so here is a short video about adding dynamic embeds, you have to add a new cms field that includes all the id’s for your forms, on the video I just used the freebie header but you will have to use the new field.