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Ecommerce / membership site - Ideas/suggestions/hacks needed!

Folks, I am at my wits end here.

Does anyone have any suggestions for adding membership features to a Webflow site, with the subsequent ability to restrict certain content to users who have purchased access to that content?

Essentially resurrecting this thread: Ecommerce Functionality for Membership-Like Access to Webflow Pages (Details Inside)

I feel like this shouldn’t be a complicated thing to do via some third party service, but I can’t for the life of me find one. I spent a couple of days researching this last year, and I’ve just spent a full day researching it today in the hope that something popped up in the past year. No love.

WEBFLOW STAFF: Yes I know we can’t do this with Webflow at the moment. I know it’s being discussed in a wishlist thread. But it was being discussed when I first looked into this last year, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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Hi Arulz,

Just wondering if Josh and team @foxy might have a solution or some pointers for you. - covers downloadable content and also subscriptions

The membership area may still be a limitation with Webflow, but there is a lot of infrastructure work nearing completion which sounds like it may open up more possibilities and solutions in the near future:

Hope that helps


@StuM Thanks for the mention!

@arulz Nice to meet you! Unfortunately, users/members isn’t possible in Webflow yet. That said, we’re more than happy to discuss how we can help with the ecommerce side of things. You can learn more about our digital product functionality here: and recurring payments here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything.


Hey @arulz! My name is David and I work with the team over here at Plasso, a seasoned startup in California :palm_tree:. We have a Membership product that would protect your content as you mentioned on your post. The catch is that it would redirect customers to your Plasso space but you’ll have control over a cover/banner image/color, your logo and accent color to match your branding anyway. It’s not a huge deal for some people but I figured I’d throw it out there. Here’s how it works…

We’re working on a few things now that are set to launch in a few weeks that’ll be huge for the webflow community. We’re also throwing around a few ideas for a native membership product that keep users on your site and will authenticate them upon logging in. More info on that to come. Our pricing is being reduced also to make it easier on designers and startups.

There’s been SO many requests for a backend authentication feature for webflow users for a while now! Hopefully we’ll be the trail blazers that’ll bring it :call_me_hand:

Here’s a demo of our membership product.

Thanks for leaping into the fray, @paywithplasso @foxy @StuM .

I’m not sure the Foxy solution will work, since the content I want to sell isn’t downloadable – it requires Webflow interactivity to really be useful. Similar deal with (what I assume to be) the Plasso solution, although I might be misunderstanding how that works.

How I imagine it working (short of some native membership solution in Webflow) is that the user management is done by some third party (but the signup forms etc sit in my site and look built-in) and then I just shove some code into pages I want protected. If a user has permission for that page, the code lets them in. If they don’t, it boots them to another page. So like a membership, paywall, micropayment love child that doesn’t require me putting my content onto another site.

@paywithplasso – Will the ideas you’re throwing around provide something that sounds kind of like that? :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi Arulz,

I just read this and remembered your thread, not sure if it’s helpful or wide of the mark for your needs, but here it is anyway:


Thanks Stu,

I’ve looked at WithCoach and again, it requires that all my content is hosted on their platform rather than on Webflow. So that’s not really going to work.

I’m probably coming to the same conclusion as the creator of that thread, which is to cobble together some combination of payment processor + email notification + one-password-for-everyone.

Obviously that isn’t going to work long-term, but hopefully by the time it becomes a problem, a solution will have presented itself. (Or I’ll be in a position to hire someone to create a solution for me.)

Hey again! All apologies for the delay! The use-case you mentioned wouldn’t be possible We’re reaching out to the powers that be at Webflow to see about a possible API allowance that would enable us to securely protect pages in Webflow. Something tells me that they’re already building something themselves though :slight_smile: As I know more regarding this thread and any support we can provide to assist here, I’ll let you know :+1:.

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