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Ecommerce Functionality for Membership-Like Access to Webflow Pages (Details Inside)

Hi everybody,

I am looking for the following and wonder if this is somehow possible with Webflow and some Addon:

  • Create tutorial pages with text, images, videos in Webflow
  • Sell access to these pages via some Ecommerce plugin (essentially like a digital good)
  • Have an area where customers can log in and see all their digital purchases

There are many solutions (e.g. Shopify) that allow you to sell digital goods like music, PDFs, and videos.
But how can I sell access to responsive tutorial pages, created via Webflow?

I REALLY appreciate any help, thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @webdes What it sounds like you are trying to make is a web app that can handle user registration, logins, dashboards and so on. At this time you cannot create web apps within Webflow.

However, it is being discussed on our Wishlist:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @PixelGeek, yes maybe a web app - but more likely an e-commerce functionality to allow paid access to digital content.

I understand that that’s not Webflow functionality - instead I am looking for an addon, plugin, or embed. Thanks


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