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E-commerce website membership


A client of mine has inquired about a member login option on their e-commerce site (member registration etc), so people would be able to log in, see their orders etc - from my search I couldn’t find anything native on webflow E-commerce, are there any useful integrations for this?

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Hi Artur,

i agree 100% with you. It would be super great to get this in webflow. It is a must have for real and useful ecommerce websites / shops.

I have the same problem that a client from me wants a client login in with order details and a client backend. For now i cant´s sell webflow ecommerce to a client and need to go to another system.

I know that there are some third part apps like memberstack and memberspace but this means to pay extra and it works not realy fine with ecommerce sites.

It would be a super super high level awesome feature if we get it right in webflow.

  1. Design a client login page
  2. Design a registration page
  3. Design a client backend with clients order details where clients can download recipes
  4. Get a Wish list button for products
  5. Design a product wish list page

and so on… :slight_smile:

Greetings from me Martin to you Artur

Good day @Artur_Butvilovsky and @grafifontis,

I am not staff and therefore cant give you specifics. I will however, can speak about this on a more generalization.

The staff and development teams at Webflow are on this as I write this. This has been a big feature request since the beginning of the e-commerce integration. I do know that in previous Vlad talks it has been brought that these features are coming. The next Vlad talk is Sept 10th, so if you can get on the live stream, you can ask your questions there as well. Stay tuned to their YouTube channel for updates.

As for the release date on these feature, I DO NOT have an answer for you there. I DO know that the e-commerce team is working diligently to get these features out to the public asap, but only when they know that it is working seamlessly and have the right functional purpose set forth.

I hope this eases your pain somewhat? I know its not really an answer, but it is all I have to give at the moment. There will be an announcement on the forum here when it will be available, plus in your dashboard when you sign on. In the meantime you can use which works with Webflow CMS or you can even integrate Ecwid into Webflow, which I have done on a few sites.

Have a great day fellas and lmk if you have any other questions. You can also few the status of these features at

Happy Designing,


Seconding @foxy — their team has been really incredible with my wide variety of questions and have always come through for me on every matter. Can’t recommend them enough, and I think they’ve got memberships / user logins like you desire.

Admittedly, the process does take a little more work than I’d like (esp if you’re using encoded add-to-cart links), but it is what it is and it gets the job done! Happy with it nonetheless.


Hi all.
Thank you for the mention. We’re making great progress on our new customer portal feature that works with platforms like Webflow. No ETA, but it will for sure be this year.

Let us know if you need help with anything at all.


Hi and greeting to you @WebDev_Brandon,

super thanks to you for your reply.

Good to read that the e-commerce team is working on the very important features.

It´s good that other software like foxy working with webflow, but an integrated client system in webflow is big way much better to sell to a client webflow for e-commerce.

Much clients ask me why they should use webflow e-commerce but other systems like shopware, shopify and so on have client login and a client backend.

But ok… let´s see what future brings

Thanks again to you @WebDev_Brandon


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Just wondering is there any update on this at all? Thanks!!

Hello Webflow team,

I was wondering if you guys are ready to release membership functionality.
I’ve been asked from many of my clients to build a membership websites and unfortunately I had to choose other platform (shopify) to build that.
I was thinking to build the website in webflow and integrate it with shopify, but the cost is getting high. My clients refuse to pay double monthly fee.

So please can you update us on the membership websites and when this will be released?
Many thanks

Any updates on this one?
…I’ve been looking at Memberstack, but it does not integrate perfectly with order information etc.

Hello @gtddesigns

I don’t know what level of complexity you want to go with e-commerce, but there are a few options for you. The easiest would be to integrate Snipcart into Webflow, it’s not complicated.

The other way provides two options: the Shopify buy button or a Udesly conversion.

The buy button option would allow you to set up your products within Shopify and then embed a buy button on your Webflow Site. The Udesly option would be you designing your entire Shopify theme in Webflow and then using the Udesly Adapter to convert it into a Shopify theme you can use on Shopify directly. I know this is a lot, but this lets you know there are solutions until Webflow has developed a native solution. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks for the insight, Chris! Leaning towards Snipcart for now. I’ve heard of the Shopify buy button, but I’m not totally convinced on that one right now, lol! Appreciate it!

Hi all.
Josh with Foxy here. Our seamless Webflow integration supports memberships, paygating, customer portal, and so much more:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: