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Hi all, looking to see if anyone is able to offer any suggestions or help to the problems I’m facing. I really like Webflow so I’m also gonna include some helpful but somewhat critical feedback for the team.

From what I’m seeing, Memberships on Webflow is fundamentally not going to work well for ecommerce. The current flow works okay for completely online based businesses (Saas, service, etc.), because the sign up process is expected. For example for a SaaS business:

Current Membership Checkout:
Subscribe button > Sign up page > Email verification > Email login > Checkout > Complete order.

Makes sense for a Saas subscription. But for a company that sells physical goods (on a recurring basis), that flow is very fragmented. For example, an ecommerce company that sells subscription boxes for shampoo. The Memberships flow for this checkout would be a very difficult conversion. It requires a sign up for an account, email verification, email redirect, and it’s all happening outside of where that person is actually making a purchase. If it’s a paid Ad like Instagram or FB, you unfortunately lost that person the minute they left the app. They would need to sign up, confirm email, and redirect back to the cart before they even get to see the checkout.

Subscribe button > Sign up form > email verification > email link to login > redirect to cart > checkout > complete order.

I think the solution would need to make the sign-up embedded directly in the checkout process itself, and follow a more normal checkout flow: Subscribe button > Cart > Checkout > Completed.

Ideally, within the checkout form you can have account sign up OR even just checkout as a guest, this way they can complete a purchase even if their account hasn’t been email verified yet. Just seems the current version immediately takes a potential buyer out of the the purchase flow, with all the redirects and things to do before actually checking out. If anyone has a solution to make the checkout for a recurring physical product better, please let me know- or if I’m using this completely wrong, let me know. Again, love the Webflow team for all they’ve done!

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Hi @flowing.
Josh with Foxy here. You might consider our seamless Webflow integration: Webflow |

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  • Conditionally show/hide Webflow content/elements/pages based on membership and other criteria
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  • Multi-lingual support
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