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Ecommerce Bug: Empty Cart at Checkout with No Shipping Method


I’m having issues on a live published site. Losing some sales right now but it was working fine for multiple days and checkouts previously.

Customers can add a shirt to cart but errors on the checkout page.

  1. No shipping method available after entering customer info and address.
  2. Empty cart on checkout page.
    2a. Also noticed there is an empty cart from the cart modal (even with items added to cart) but not an empty cart when modal pops up after adding an item to cart.

I’ve tried troubleshooting this myself and have seem similar threads and even live sites with the same issue still but no solutions posted. Seems like the WF team helps solve it and PMs the user direct. Hopefully that is me soon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, @miller315! Thanks so much for posting. I’m taking a look now and as soon as I know more I’ll let you know!

Hi, @miller315! It looks like the issue you were encountering was resolved by the team and everything should be working as expected now. Don’t hesitate to reach back out if you need anything else!

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Thanks so much for the help.

Is there any other info you can share with the community or myself?

Just want to be sure I don’t run into this issue again.

Hi, @miller315! This was nothing that was caused by you or other users. It was an issue on the backend that our amazing team of engineers was able to iron out. :slight_smile:

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