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Checkout page empty on different browsers. Issue with Add To Cart button?

Hi community!

I changed the ‘add to cart’ button into a ‘buy now’ button that takes the user straight to a paypal page in my ecommerce site. This became an issue as we test out the button.

We are getting very inconsistent results with the checkout page. When you click the button, it take you to a paypal check out page but all the fields about details of the purchase are empty (see attached image). This is super inconsistent across different browsers, specifically microsoft edge and chrome incognito. Sometimes it works in chrome, sometimes it doesn’t.

I searched on the forum and i see that this is an issue since beginning of march 2019. Hope some of you wizards out there can help me with this because its costing us sales…

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Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 2.49.56 PM|690x311

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