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Shopping Cart Bug

There’s an issue I’m having when I start adding products in ecommerce. When I click on the cart, most of the structure of the cart won’t open fully. Is anyone else having this issue? Here are a photo and a link to the site I’m working on.



Hi, @srthomasleonard!

I’m so sorry about the issue you’re experiencing with the shopping cart. I am not noticing any widespread issues with cart behavior. I jumped in to your project and it looks like some things have changed since your last publish.

Can you republish your project so we can see if that fixes the issue?

Hi Riley, been away for a while. Im continuing to see the same issue with the shopping cart, but it seams to only be happening on the home page. I’m hoping its not a widespread issue either and at the very least, I’m just experiencing it on my machine. I republished a new site for my Plant for the People website and it’s still happening.

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