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Hi everyone,

My name is Stephanie. I’m an engineer at Webflow and the one who reads the crash reports :blush:! I wanted to let everyone know that the bug with our e-commerce cart setting crashing the designer has been resolved. Please take a moment to refresh your designer page to get the new update. If you are experiencing this issue further feel free to let me know here or in the crash inbox. Happy to help!

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I have set up eCommerce site with ( 3 ) products. Each product has ( 2 ) variants.
I have not initiated payments or checkout yet.

My “add to cart” command doesn’t do anything ( preview mode ).
My cart shows up with ( 3 ) items already in it without adding any to cart.
My orders page shows ( 3 ) items and does not allow “remove” command.

Is this all happening because I have not setup payment and checkout yet?

Hey @richard_sims! Welcome to the Community!

Does the issue persist in the published (non-Designer) link? I’m happy to take a look at this if you share your read-only link! See how to share your read-only link here.


Have not set up payment method yet and have not set up check-out. I was surpriosed when didn’t function as expected ; thought it might work normally once finished with payment and checkout setup.

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Hey @richard_sims — has the cart been hidden since you replied here? Took a look this morning and I don’t see a cart icon on any of the pages, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, I think this may be expected behavior. If I recall correctly, there’s an option in Webflow E-Commerce (on the Designer side of things) that lets you drag a slider to show how many items in the “cart” for the purposes of designing, though this won’t be the case on the published website. See here: https://climatezoneone.webflow.io/checkout (the checkout has no items for me)

When you visit that link above in Incognito mode, does the cart/checkout contain items?

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