Random ecommerce shipping bug

Hey team!

I have a problem with a random checkout bug.

After a customer has reached out to us we realised that no matter which address you’d enter you’d always get a ‘We’re not shipping to that address’ error.

In the settings we’ve set shipping to Germany only.

After going into the ecommerce settings and enabling worldwide shipping and then reverting to shipping to Germany only it suddenly works again. Kinda reminds me of the good old IT crowd ‘Have you tried turning it off on and on again?’ routine.

However, this has happened for the second time now (The last time was only 3 weeks ago!) There’s also no way for us to know wether it works or not - is there a way to see when the checkout page generates an error? Like it sending a simple slack-notification?

And in such a financially insecure year we’re really relying on any sales we can make. We’ve also seen quite a few ‘add-to-cart’ actions in Google Tag Manager and were already wondering why there were so few actual conversions… we feel like this might have had such an impact.

Although I suspect that this is not specific to this our site - as the bug apparently disappears and reappears (nearly)randomly.

Thanks for looking into this!



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