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Creating categories and subcategories in CMS

Hi. So I just started a company where I need a website to show two categories and inside them about 15 to 20 subcategories. In each of these subcategories there will be everything from 20 to 150 different softwareprograms. As each program will be in need of its own page I cant use static pages. I have watched the guide on CMS about 15 times but cant get the hang of it. Any suggestions?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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How many categories are you going to have?
How many subcategories?
What kind of sorting do you expect to do?

You could have:

  • a categories collection
  • a subcategories collection that is referencing the categories collection
  • a software collection that is referencing the subcategories collection

So categories, subcategories and softwares will be CMS items.
You’ll have a template page for each.

  • Categories template will show all the subcategories for one category.
  • Subcategories template will show all software for one subcategory.

So when you add a software item, you’ll set the subcategory for it in its form.


There will only be two categories. The subcategories will most likely grow in the years to come but i reckon 10 to 20 for the most time. I havent planned any sorting other than sorting the programs manually.

Thank you so much for the help. I will try this.

Kind regards.

If you take a look at the preview I created a link button to the subcategories in the navbar. Do I have to delete this or is it something I can link to the subcategories.

Really sorry about the spam but can I keep the categories and subcategories on static pages and just make the buttons (that mark a subcategory) link to a collection page?

Hey there,

Looking at your preview it does not look like you are making use of CMS collection list elements. I may be misinterpreting your needs.

You have manually created categories and sub category pages. It may be that you do not need to do this although there may be SEO implication in favour of this method.

Look to use the collection template pages if possible to avoid manual page creation unless there is a real need and there could be from an SEO or target audience perspective,

@vincent has suggested the a good structure. You do not need a collection for both personal and business subcategories. Just one subcat linked to the main category.Potentially you don’t need as many collections as you think. Option fields can be used and then filters applied on a business page (show only items with option business).

CMS planning is mind bending. At this stage (a new business) try to select the simplest approach that serves SEO and customers journeys I guess.

The category “level 1” its really easy (Use reference-field)

“subcategories” is more problematic. I now have a project to create under webflow “mega-blog” (With categories and sub-categories) - no easy solution yet.

“THE PROBLEM” - If I create huge list of articles (one collection) its really hard over time to manage posts - no way to filter/sort under the editor articles list by category.

I am even afraid the project going to fail (Because this is more “WordPress” project).

I hope webflow will create a special reference-field for categories (Specific for this idea). Then when you click on “Paris category” you can see (Under the editor) All the articles under “Paris reference-field”. Click on “london reference-field” the same idea and so on.

For now - Wordpress blogging with categories is easier to manage VS webflow. Also no way

Yep, the problem is really coming to a head with ecommerce. As in I need this: products/artworks/paintings/the-tree

CMS editor filters by cat and custom column views … oh stop it!

Thank you. I do indeed think it is mind bending and it was a real blow when I understood I could not my setup with the static pages. I will try to do this and use your tips. Again, thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards, Carl.

hi!.. silly question… is there a video tutorial for this? i would very much like to see this on video… thanks!


Hey, Is this possible by now in Webflow?

@M_K - Limitations on nesting CMS structures remains. Honestly when I need to do it I don’t use Webflow.