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How can I achieve this in the CMS?

Hello to all! I am trying to figure out how to achieve this design inside Webflow, let me explain to you guys.

This is a collection of products page, where you can see the categories at the left and the products at the right.

Every product has a 1 category (ex. Research) and 1 subcategory (ex. Analytics).

I can make a collection list for Products and a Category collection linked with the products with a selector and (here’s one question), how can I link the subcategories? I have 9 categories, should I make 9 collections list, one for each category, and create a selector for each subcategory?

Since, my goal is to create this Category Page:

You can see that except the part of “Latest Products”, there is one section for each subcategory, but of course, each category will have different names and number of subcategories (I don’t want subcategories pages, only categories).

Any help? :frowning_face:

I tried to make the next solution but I failed:

  • Category Collection -> Multireference the subcategory
  • Subcategory Collection
  • Product Collection -> Multireference the subcategory

In the Category Page, I used a collection to show the Subcategory Names so now I have:

Category Page:

  • Subcategory 1
  • Subcategory 2
  • Subcategory 3

Inside, I nested the products, but it says that it can only show 5 of them, why? Any workaround?

Thanks <3