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Categories and Subcategories

Hi My question is about creating Categories and several sub categories that go in a Hierarchical Order. Let is check this example:

Let is say we are making a net shop for a company that sells different brands
Those Brands have different main Product Categories
Each Product Category has a sub category
Then this Product Category with its subcategory has the final sub category

Life Example:
Let’s call out shop Amazon
We: Amazon
We Have basic categories: Books, Pens…
Books have: Electronic books and printed books
Electronic book have chemistry books and math books
and so on.

How to make that in webflow? then will it be dynamic so we can order products according to all these fields?
Like: Order by: Books/Electronic Books/Chemistry

Here is an example in photos:
Main Two categories of Makita:

Example on Subcategories order:

Please let me hear your experience with that

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For now, no way to create SubCategories (CMS collection under Other CMS collection -or- folder inside folder). Try this:

In general in E-commerce CMS (Like Magento, openCart and so on) - the categories tree is easier to handle. On other hand for blogs and articles most of the time you don’t need four levels like:

home > blog > CSS category > CSS selectors category > Article.html

So in practice the “CSS selectors” above is a #tag (Not category):


Webflow E-commerce in beta mode - I believe will be some solution for SubCategories their:

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I checked that already, but it doesn’t give the answer actually…

As for the multi reference it just to have the shape of having different categories with their subs, but then you can’t order or filter according to each one, it will be counted justas one category.

Maybe it’ll be possible soon with nested collection lists!


Also see @kkilat thoughts on this here:

Hello Faisal Ram,

I am struggling with the same issue. Did you find the solution for orgsnizing your categories? Now there are Nested lists, but, as I understand, it works only for the first sub categories groups …