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Eccomerce, shop shome, category, subcatefory and product pages


I am making a website for a business, and the site it part portfolio, shop, info etc.
For the shop, I am having some troubles and confusion with the pages.
I have 24 Main categories, some of those categories have subcategories with numerous items in each folder, some categories just have numerous products.

The part I dont understand is that i thought the category page that is automatically generated, after I put in a grid for images etc and binded them to the catgeries it would display each different category, not realising the top of the page dropdown of all the categories as seperate pages like the products.
So pretty much how do make a page with a grid or list of my main categories, to then open to a list/grid of images in each category unless there is a subcategory then each page open to a similarly designed page of subcategories then to there respective products.

After/ if this can be resolved, how do i create a drop down menu on the side with each of these options in it as a quick/easy/alternative way to find products.

I have referenced this forum post but didnt quite seem to understand it. (Creating categories and subcategories in CMS)

and help would be great! thanks!


Already have you got an answer your question? Or did you find out the solution? I have the same problem today… And I have to solve it as soon as I can. Could you help me, please?

Thanks in advance!

@Hajci - Did you read the referenced topic? It covers what is possible. Webflow does not allow for nesting subcats dynamically, in its current form. So people make pages that use filtered collections to mimic it. Limit of 100 pages makes it hard to build larger structures. In those cases Webflow’s CMS might not be a good fit.

When I build large content pyramids I use other CMS’s that don’t have the limits and allow me to deploy logical IA structures that have SEO and user benefits.