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Filtering with categories and subcategories

Hi guys!

So, I want to recreate a filter based on the one found on this page. As you can see, it first has some main categories, and on hover, the subcategories appear. I want to achieve this dynamically through CMS collections.

My idea is a navbar with dropdowns that open on hover. Each dropdown is a collection item from the categories collection. And inside the dropdowns I want to show the subcategories attached to each category.

I’m visualising 3 collections: Main category, subcategory and product. But if I insert a collection list with the main categories in i.e. a navbar, it can only contain up to 5 multi reference fields (via nested collection lists). And a category in my example can have more than 5 subcategories.

I dont have much produced yet, as it is the planning and logic that is the problem. Is it even possible to do in Webflow? (Could always write stuff in manually, but i want it to be CMS driven and dynamic). Here is my public share link anyways…

Really hard to explain, but i hope someone has a workaround for the limit of maximum 5 multi reference items :grin: