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CMS Detailed Calendar

I am trying to design a calendar for a page in which a client can add events to the calendar through the CMS. I have seen several topics in the past that have discussed this issue but they resolved that this functionality could be resolved by filtering CMS data by date added. However, this won’t work for me, as I am looking to place a detailed calendar on the page. Is there some way to load CMS data into a calendar that spans several months and has multiple event entries each day. As I assume this cannot be done natively in Webflow, is there a way to get data from the CMS in embed code. I had also thought to use Zapier but it doesn’t have a connection to CMS additions.

Hi, @Jonathan_Gibson.

Could you, please, show some example or screenshot or at least some wireframe? It would be much easier to find out how to help you if we could clearly understand what exactly you are trying to create.


For example, below is a Calendar created with a Wordpress plugin. I am trying to design a similar calendar with Webflow that can update with the CMS.

Why reinvent the wheel? You can already embed Google calendar

@samliew I thought of using Google calendar originally but is there a way to make it so that Google Calendar events can be added through the Webflow CMS? Ideally I want event updates to come from the same location as other CMS updates so that the website is simpler for my client to update. That is where I looked to use Zapier originally, but because Zapier only has a Webflow trigger for form submissions, I didn’t know if there is a way to connect the CMS to Google Calendar through embed code.

Well, theoretically, it is possible by using several collections and reference fields, but I don’t think you will be able to use standard date field there :confused:

You may check this resource, but I am not sure if updating the calendar will require to go to their site

Thanks for the advice and I will definitely look more into it if I can’t find a work around with Webflow but I am less interested in a calendar service and more interested in a way to connect the Webflow CMS to any given service. I found this forum discussion regarding a CMS API that is in the pipeline but not completed:

Does this mean that what I am looking for is unavailable in Webflow currently? If so, does anyone know how often Webflow comes out with major updates or how long it might be until this feature comes out. This capability must be long in the working as this post is from October 2015.