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On the website an API and webhooks are supposed to be coming soon. Can someone explain in more detail or give a use case on how that are going to work. Sounds really interesting :smile:

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  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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@jorn Where did you see that?

never mind, found it.

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@jorn - we’re still spec’ing out the details of the API, but we’re building it with the intention of allowing you to integrate the CMS data into other services. For example, you’ll be able to do things like update a Google Spreadsheet when CMS data changes, and vice versa. If you have your own Wordpress database, you’ll be able to import data in and out of the Webflow CMS. There are also a myriad of possibilities when combined with Zapier.

If there are any specific use cases you’d like to see the API enable, definitely let us know about them in the Wish List category!


Ah, a two way communication between different databases, that’s pretty cool. Getting better and better, hard to keep up with all the new features :grinning:

Thanks @brryant

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It would be cool to integrate heroku db via webflow :grinning:


Hi Bryant

I’d like to see the sort of eco system wordpress has, with all the 3rd party plugins. For example the ability for developers to create free or paid plugins that extend Webflow functionality. eg specialist social sharing plugins

Is that the sort of thing you imagine will be possible?



One word: yes



Love the idea of a few plugins but maybe not exactly Wordpress style…sans the security issues, compatibility issues, every monkey’s uncle making a “plugin” that they immediately stop supporting…


Thoroughly agree. There is as much power in plug-ins, as there’s vulnerability. This does not mean we should not utilize them, but hat must be done in a ver careful manner. E.g. strict standardisation/ only Webflow approved plug-ins allowed, etc.


This would just be fantabulisticly amazing. I am picturing numerous possibilities with this soon to be released api.

Somethings that are a must is the ability to create a login / registration system, allow user interactions that sends data to our databases (eg. favourite, saving, searching something… etc.), custom code that could grab data from our databases (if you guys are using node.js as your backend … we could insert plain js in our custom code to grab data and do something with it to display to our users) … and so much more.

Webflow future is so bright … you guys could become more than a web app tool for web designers and prototype tool for developers but a eCommerce / larger enterprise / web app creator + manager + cms + host and just being in our everyday lives. The current cms … even though game changing and quite powerful … it limits a lot due to the fact that you guys have to be our host with no ability to access / manipulate data and no exporting is possible … thus is why I haven’t dare touch the cms … no matter how much I want to.

I hope to test out Webflow limits soon and wish that this api could come out asap! :smiley:




I’d love to be able to charge for access to pages/directories so I could move our online course over to webflow.


Just as a quick ping, is there anything close to a release date for the API? I need to decide on whether to host a project on Webflow that would require me to have a basic API for the CMS (since we want to sync up two databases, and that doesn’t really work with the current webflow setup).


I agree with you, all of the plugins should be approved by Webflow first. Also, one problem with using plugins on WordPress for me is that they would slow down the website substantially. I’m not sure how Webflow would help prevent that, other than adding a “Plugin” section in the Dashboard where you can view which plugins take the most time to load.


Web applications, connecting 3rd-party applications with Webflow, etc is what am looking out for.


I will invest weeks of my time to get integration between Visual Studio and Webflow working if these APIs will scope that far.


Any idea on when the API will be released? Would like to use this for a client, but wanted to see if I could get a timeframe before I proposed it.

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Zapier, IFTTT, Cumulocity, etc. = unlimited possibilities to build “systems”. :smile:

uh, forgot Couch DB > very handy in mobile developments, even IBM went to extend service on it as NoSQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS). Direct integration to Webflow would be cool!


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