Feasibility of CMS for desinging an events calendar

I’m looking for a word of advice. I am developing a page with cards holding information about events (location, time, speakers,etc.), and we are considering using CMS. But I would like to ensure upgrading our plan to CMS will satisfy our needs. In that regard, I have two questions:

  1. Each event card will have several tags. We want users to be able to filter events based on a tag, displaying only cards with such tags. Similarly, we want to sort the cards by the date/time of the event. Is this possible with CMS?
  2. We want to update a Collection zynching it to a notion’s table. I found a couple of solutions out there, but I want to hear from the experts if this is a feasible option.

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First, your best bet is just to prototype it.
Even on the free plan, with a free site, you should be able to accomplish that and see if you can find a design that meets your needs.

Going quickly over your reqs-

  • Event card will have several tags
    Easy, use a multi-ref field to a Tags collection

  • Users will filter events based on tag
    Also easy, but you may want to do this dynamically i.e. click a tag and watch the list animate-resort. There are ways to do that as well, using free jscript libraries like mixitup2.

  • Sort cards by date/time.
    Easy. Just sort it.

  • Update collection syncing to a notion table.
    Yes, you’d do this using a 3rd party automation. Make and Zapier are two of the most common and popular. At some point, Webflow Logic should be able to do this.
    It’s best to consider this as a one-way operation, and make Notion ( I’m guessing ) your source of truth ( SoT ). You’ll then publish updates to Webflow’s CMS.

I’m going to add this one, not mentioned;

  • Show future events, separately from past events, based on the date/time the user access the site.
    Also easy, use conditional filtering on your collection list.

Feel free to PM me if you get stuck and need some time building this. It’s quite straightforward once you’re familiar with the tools.

Hi @Daniel_Paris, here are some thoughts for you…

I’d say this is all very doable and not a heavy lift. The CMS will remove a lot of manual pain.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Chris! I will work on it on a prototype site and see where it takes me.