Building advanced events calendar, possible?

Hi ! I have a question about creating an event calendar in Webflow.
I have to build a website for an artistic place that organizes various events. These events will be connected to different categories, and they can be one-off as well as last several weeks (festivals, exhibitions). For example, I would like to have a view per month (like google calendar) so that the user clicks on a date and this shows all the events that will take place on that date (including therefore the events whose start and end dates do not correspond to the selected date but to an ‘intermediate’ date, so impossible to do this with the CMS dates fields in Webflow).

My first idea was to use Google Calendar via a Zapier integration, in order to have full control of the design, but the image upload isn’t recognized by Webflow so I can’t choose this solution.

Also, I precise that I need a “free” solution or at least something you can pay in one go (no subscriptions with monthly or yearly billing)

In addition, they would like in the longer term to be able to sell tickets on their site, and here I don’t know anything …

Any ideas / help would be appreciated :slight_smile: