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I’m currently using for a client’s calendar at The calendar is pretty customizable from their interface, and is easily implemented in the Webflow designer. However, there’s a cost of $9/month, and it doesn’t offer a ton of options for different layouts, since the code is all generated by their interface and not customizable within the Webflow designer.

Does anyone have any recommendations for other tools? I’m guessing this would be possible with the CMS API, but this client isn’t using any other CMS features so I’m not sure if that’s the best route right now or not. Hope to hear from all of you!

you have to have a CMS ? or can the dates / info be sent via email ?

I don’t have to have a CMS, but would like a simple way for the client to add the dates on their own. Currently, they’re uploading the events to Google Calendar, and is pulling the events from Google Calendar. I’d love to be able to create a calendar element in Webflow that automatically pulls from Google Calendar.

ok… I misunderstood your post.

I thought you were trying to collect a date… not read / update a date.

I think someone else here was asking a similar question awhile back.

I think the CMS is overkill for what you need.

If you exported the site… you could put a little php into it
and read an XML file from the server.

jordanshotwell, Could you not just embed the Google calendar. Something like this?

Or am I missing something? has a free calendar option, but without the styling

he already has the calendar embedded into the site.

I could embed Google Calendar, but it’s not as customizable as I’d like. It still looks like Google Calendar.


If you just want to display the events thenslives from the calendar, one thought might be that Google Calendars generates a RSS feed, Could use the withFeedburner or maybe it possible with the APi - just a thought though, not my area of expertise.

I still want to display them in a monthly calendar format, I’d just like it to be highly customizable.

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