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Native Webflow Calendar Embed

I don’t think it’s just me, because I’ve done a bit of searching through the forums and haven’t found a good solution yet. But it seems like Webflow’s dynamic lists would be a pretty great start for a native calendar system that could easily be shown in dynamic lists as agendas or even as a month view (probably a bit harder to design).

Anyway, anyone else interested in this? I’ve been mucking around with different calendar embeds… Google Calendar is so easy to maintain, but the embed styling is so limited. Tockify looks pretty nice, but the backend is not so nice. There are a lot of Wordpress plugins out there, but that doesn’t help so much… I’m looking for a good option!

Actually, I realize there is already an Event category template. Pretty awesome. I think it would be easy to implement into an Agenda view, BUT… I’m having trouble figuring out how to sort/filter by the current date. Obviously, I only want it to show future events, starting with today’s date.

EDIT: Weirdly, it seems like this feature was added like 45 minutes before I posted this. WTF!!! New Feature: Relative Date Filtering

Now my main issue is that it would be nice to somehow have recurring events… or at least a duplicate button for events.


I agree Toupee; I see the most potential for applying a dynamic CMS to sites that are event-based. So having some built-in calendar tools that worked with date-based collections would be very helpful. Or maybe if there was some way to integrate or the data with a embedded Google calendar–even better.


Bumping this… Recurring events / more functional calendar system would save me a lot of headache.


Would love to see the ability to push dynamic CMS content to a Webflow Calendar widget!!! For most sites with a couple events a month a list is fine but for anything more than that a proper calendar is hard to beat.