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How to Create Sub Categories Under Parent Categories


I am trying to have 3 pages basically, when people visit my website, they will see main categories page, and once they click on any main category, they will go to sub categories for that main category.

For example I have 3 Main Categories.

Main Categories

1: Web Design
2: Web Development
3: Internet Marketing

Then for each main category, I have sub categories

1: Web Design
b: Wireframe
c: Mockup

2: Web Development
a: JavaScript
b: PHP
c: JQuery

3: Internet Marketing
a: SEO
b: Social Media
c: blog

And under each sub category I have blog posts.

Now what I want is when people visit my site, they will see main categories on my page, once they click on any category, the next page will be a sub categories page which we were created for that main category, and now if people click on sub category, the next page they will see the blog posts which we were created under that sub category.

I hope someone will help me here. I am working on a big project and I am having a difficulty here.

Thank you so much

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Hello, @kashifweb107. I will try to help you.

  1. Create collection “Categories”
  2. Create collection “Subcategories”, where in the every item will be reference field “Categories”.
  3. Create collection “Blog-posts” where in the every item will be reference field to “Subcategories”.

In this way, you will have the ability to set the site structure that you want.


Thanks for reply

I have done all that, the problem I am having is to link main categories to sub categories, and blog posts to sub categories and showing them in order like this.

Main categories > sub categories > blog posts


would it be possible the other way round as well?

Posts that reference to Subcategories
Subcategories that reference to Categories

Is there a reason why to do it one way or another? Or does it matter at all?


I tried that option but my problem is linking between sub categories to parent categories and showing blog posts from sub categories instead parent categories.

Its matter for my website project. On my blog page I need to show main categories in grid, when someone click on them they will go to sub category for that main category and from there they will see the blog posts which were created in that sub category.

I hope someone help me here or else I need create pages for categories and sub categories manually.

Thank you

Is it possible to give us read-only link to your project?

until this time I was experimenting with this structure, I just wanted to make sure if this is possible because I don’t want to waste my time for something which is not possible, can I go ahead and complete the blog section ? Then I will share a link so you can understand everything.


I just think that it is possible to do what you need with the structure that I suggest :slight_smile:

I am able to link them, they work fine now but I got another problem. I need to add reference points between categories and sub-categories. They should link both to each other. And also I created a reference point in sub categories for blog posts. This mean whenever I create a blog post, I need to go to sub-category as well to choose a post I want to display.

I hope you understood what I mean. sorry for my poor English.

Yes, I understood. But why do you need it?

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