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Best way to create Customer Ratings, Testimonials, Review in Webflow

Can anyone suggest a way to create an area in a WebFlow site where visitors can give Ratings, Testimonials or Review of a service?

Integration via embed or something of the sorts… (prefer free of course :blush: ) - embedded comments feature


HTML comment box: Not free, but infinitely customizable and no “discus” label.

Also, Google “Schema mark-up for Reviews”, which allows ratings, stars and aggegating reviews and stars.

@sabanna is great and I believe it is what the webflow team use for the comments on their own blog but I’d have to check with @callmevlad :wink:


Thanks for the helpful replies!

trying to narrow your question down more…

are you looking to self host the solution or to host via webflow.

there are different solutions for different answers.

and… do you know php, asp, or coldfusion ?

if not… chances are, you will looking for solution on webflows hosting service.

which means embedding.

if you know one of the 3 above languages… you could (fairly) easily custom build your own

or integrate something from code canyon (very low cost) or one of their competitors.

i did a custom build for a “Find a Maid” (cleaning service) client… who wanted user reviews / ratings / comments left for maids on their service.

Thanks for the reply @Revolution . I think htmlcommentbox suggested by @Jim_Dandy is going to work fine. Minimalistic & no fuss.

excellent :slight_smile: please come back later… after you’ve integrated and utilized the tool for a while.

Let us know how it went. I’m always interested in learning / picking - new things / tools / ideas !!!

Particularly in the SEO aspect. In reviewing their website (htmlcommentbox)… the author says

SEO considerations and javascript
Google now appears to index your comments based on tests I've done!

The method we chose was due to a client requirement… (they wanted “to own” the comments / reviews / etc)…

Some clients care about owning the content. Some don’t. Some don’t understand why they should.

I used it on few of my sites, works pretty good. :wink:

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Is there anyone who’s has experience with
Is it possible to work with trustpilot with Webfow? They have a Zapier connection, is it working with Webflow? And is there an embedded code from trustpilot?

htmlcommentbox worked a treat. :grinning:

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