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Best way to source and show product reviews?

I’m working with a client who has an eCommerce part to their business. They’ve specified they want to be able to source and show product reviews on their website.
Do you guys know any apps/products/platforms/embeds that allow people to review a product on the page, and for the page to show these reviews? Currently, they’re using Shopify as the eCommerce, but I’m open to any suggestions - even if it needs to be jury-rigged together.

This could make it or break it for the client to go ahead with Webflow, so any help would be greatly GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks community!

Hey @jshlii

I was looking for something similar for my services/profile-based project as well but couldn’t find anyhting that provided an out-of-box solution. I believe the main issue is that users/customers that leave a review/up-vote have to have a profile to reference the review. As far as creating a user management/profile dashboard in Webflow, it can’t be done because Webflow doesn’t allow access to their server-side code to allow the user authentication portion of logging in to leave a review.

I ended up settling with Disqus on my project where users can create a profile and leave a comment/review for the profile they’re viewing. Disqus has a free plan and is pretty easy to setup.

Check out the forum for adding Disqus if you think your client will be satisfied with it. If I here of anyhting else, I’ll add it here :slight_smile:

@jshlii @David_Sheltren
Josh from Foxy here. We’ve seen Webflow users use It’s a pretty solid solution and works well wth Webflow.

Definitely let us know if we can help with anything ecommerce related.


@foxy @jshlii
Thanks Josh for the suggestion! Widget Pack looks neat. Definitely can see this being useful at some capacity. I use Plasso for my ecommerce projects as do a handful of others on Webflow. I haven’t had a chance to use Foxy in a project yet but I’ll check you guys out soon. I hear you guys have a great product!

Do you have a sharable link to your project? I’d love to take a look and get some inspiration on how you plan to deploy the product review section :shopping_cart:

Oh that’s actually brilliant, using Disqus. We’re currently already using Disqus, so it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Would you recommend Plasso?
The website is undergoing an entire rehaul, so might not have anything decent to show you just yet, but I’ll make sure I hit you back when I do :slight_smile:

@foxy thanks for that suggestion. Looks good so far!

@jshlii Check out for verified reviews and other uses!

@David_Sheltren @jshlii You’re very welcome! We’re here if you need anything!


@jshlii Also, here’s an example of WidgetPack in action on one of our previous projects. Scroll down on the product page to see the review section.

The site is using for the Ecommerce Solution.

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That’s awesome! So this site was built in Webflow, and is the review part an embed?

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@jshlii Yes, this site was built and is hosted entirely in Webflow, it’s using a @foxy integration for the E Commerce.
Which allows the products to be edited and updated through the Webflow CMS without making changes in Foxy.

The review part is indeed and embed, on the template product page. It’s the review embed from WidgetPack. Once a review comes in, I can then moderate it from the Admin WidgetPack Panel.
I’d like to try on my next site as I think the “verified” aspect of the reviews adds a lot of trust. Widget Pack is a great tool but you could potentially have illegitimate reviews or choose to block every review that’s not 5 stars. Clients usually like this but, users typically hate that kind of review system as it gives off a some red flags.

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