Customer review page?

Does anyone know how to create a customer review page where the customer fills out a form and it then appears on the page with all the other reviews?

anyone know how to do this?

I did a quick Google search and found this:

try to research around the net for third-party solutions. Then you can embed it into your template pages:

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Hi Quantumgo,

I just finished a Webflow Plugin for placing reviews from Google certified review-companies.
This is because i need the review “Stars” in Google.
Think about companies like, (i need an *.xml)
It’s working also with rich-snippets.

The design is made in Webflow! with classes.

My first review plugin is:
In this site we work with a dutch review company
The Feedback Company.

Its a few ours work for me to make this for other sites.
So if you have questions, don’t hasitate to contact me!



@Koen this is great work! I wish I could read Dutch better (it’s close to my first language Afrikaans), am I able to leave a review to test or are they certified reviews that stream in from Google? Again, excellent work here :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Waldo as soon as the website is online, i will make it in english!

You can give a review, in this case only for customers… by inviting them by mail. But it’s also possible to do it for all online consumers.

It are not the Google ranks itselfs, Google does only work with certified companies who does that. So it will not show in the Google reviews. But the stars will be visible in the searh results. and thats a big plus for SEO.

We also build an option to give a review for a service, and show all of the review only on the service page.

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