Comments & Reveiws for blog posts in webflow

I have been building a large recipe section to a site I’m working on and a lot of recipe sites I have researched have a rating/review/comments box at the bottom of each recipe. It seems that it’s a requirement for Google to show a recipe in the ‘recipe’ specific listings in google search, which all have ratings.

I have only found ‘’ but this seems to be only for comments. It would be handy to have something people can rate the recipe or drop a review.

Disqus is the obvious go to but I don’t want to pay for it if possible and apparently it inserts ads.

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I just found a little beauty of a solution:
Just what I was after. UPDATE Since using this solution they have disappeared and so has their website. I think it broke and they thought it would be easier to just shut the doors on it.

I have found which looks like it hits the mark on rating and comments but it doesn’t have review schema and is pricey for what it is.