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Comment System in Webflow

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well this Saturday.

I went through the site and found no comment options, I also went through the wishlist and found a few requests for such a system.

Just to be clear, is there no current integration or feature available to allow website commenting?

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Hi @tohmasch

Not natively at present - this thread may be useful for you though:

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I like to use “AddThis” for commenting and reviews, check it out.

Try it’s easy to integrate and style


JustComments does not accept new customers. JustComments will shut down by the end of 2020.

Nothing native, but no reason you can spend 10 minutes building one yourself. Checkout my step-by-step video on how to do exactly that:


What exactly do you mean by comments?

Comments on elements in Webflow (e.g. “I can’t get this margin right in this symbol”), to be shared among team members?

Or a “comments widget” for sites, like Disqus?

Hi everybody, I’m currently working on a comment / review system for Webflow & Memberstack… :speech_balloon: Our public beta will be announced soon :speech_balloon:


Hey, this sounds great! Can you please update us when the beta is ready?

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Absolutely! @ChrisDrit


This sounds great!

Will YouTube style comments be supported?

Will comments on cms/dynamic pages be supported?

We would love to see a demo :slight_smile:

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Yes, yes, and it’s coming soon!

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How soon?! Two days? Two weeks? Two months? :slight_smile:

Signed up for the demo. @ChrisDrit, just watched your tut. Will be using that for the time being.

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Is there necessary reason for the Comment ID? I noticed the zap function is missing in the tutorial.

Ossembly’s Beta will be released publicly on April 24! :speech_balloon: